Sunday, July 10, 2011

For sale!!!

Felix Cane flexibility books are for sale. It is a 4x6 laminated flip book with pictures and detailed directions for every move including helpful hints. $30 per book - I'm not out to make a profit for this book and the price is entirely the cost of the printing, laminating, and putting it into a flip book. Let me know you are interested or have any questions through email, phone, or Facebook and I'll get them copied :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Felix Cane

I just wanted to give a quick little update...

A while back Felix Cane came to Utah!! We went to a meet and greet with her on Friday night where she answered any question we had and performed for us. I absolutely loved how personable and funny she was. She answered any question we had with complete honesty. One of my favorite moments was when a girl said that she looked up to her so much and even more so knowing that she never worked in a strip club. To that, Felix said, "Well..... about that...." She had worked in a strip club, but it's not what you think. She came up to the owner and said she wanted to perform there and would perform for one night for free and every night after that he would invite her back and pay her. He did, and when he told her how much he would pay she said, no you won't, you will pay me THIS much. And he did. "I was cocky when I was young..." but she never took her clothes off.

She was answering questions while she stretched out and then performed so beautifully in front of us! I absolutely loved it :) I watch the video I took of her over and over because I just can't believe that she did it within 15 feet of me and how fluid and amazing she did everything like it wasn't a big deal at all. I absolutely loved it. :)

She also taught workshops and private classes which I spent more than I would have spent on a weekend in Vegas on. But it was sooooo worth it!

Me, Tiffany and McKell took a semi-private with her on Saturday and had a blast! I also took a tricks and combos class and a flexibility workshop. I learned sooo much! It was an amazing weekend! We printed off 8x10 pictures of the pictures we took individually with Felix Cane and one of the pictures I created with two of hers I found online and had her sign them. I also had her sign my revolver stripper shoes.

It was an AWESOME weekend and I'm so so so glad I was around to be able to join in :)

Also, I took a picture of every move Felix Cane showed us in her regular stretching routine from the flexibility workshop. I was going to print them all off with explanations of every move as well as just about everything she said in the workshop and wondered if anybody else would be interested in buying one... I don't know how much they would be but I would just charge you what the pictures cost me to print off. Let me know either at the studio, via facebook, or email

♥ you all!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Back after so long...

I don't know how many people are actually following our blog still, but I figured because of a few things that have been going on that I would update :)

First of all, I was the pole cleaner for the last competition, which is something I have wanted to be ever since I watched the first competition (you know, when I thought climbing to the top was a big deal haha). At the end of the night my foot was literally bloody and both feet were bruised, but it

Secondly, I finally found my motivation again. Those of you at the studio have noticed that I haven't been to the studio as regularly as I did before but recently I found that motivation to kick ass again and guess what? I'm doing just that!! I'm coming up with a routine and while I don't have any reason to come up with a routine it's been SO much fun! I have three other songs on hold that I want to do a routine to as well... I'll record them and have FOUR routines to use for anything! I'm pretty proud of myself actually.

Thirdly, I am broken and bruised because I went to the workshop that Jennifer Wilkins came to our studio to help teach us a few moves. I was so excited to do it and absolutely exhausted when we were done! At first we started out learning a few work-out exercises from the JW Method and WOW! I was beat! Exercises like: legs out and circling hips, squats on one leg to 90 degree hip pops to squats on the other leg, curtsy kicks/squats, and from the floor we used the pole as a balance to push up to the air and then again for pulses. Sorry if none of that made sense, but it was mostly for me to remember what we did...

Also, we learned a few of her moves that she did in the competition that she didn't have names for, but as soon as I get them I'll look into getting a video of them or something ;) One of them involved a shoulder mount up and then a shoulder dismount, and I had been practicing shoulder mounts from the floor not even a couple hours earlier that day, so my shoulder/collar bone is KILLING me! I'm pretty sure it's about to go on strike haha.

She stayed after and talked to her about little exercises to do to gain flexibility and strength. One of the main things I was so glad I was there for is when she talked about gaining strength in your forearm because many moves in pole use the tendon a lot and if there isn't the muscle there to help it, the tendon is pulling it all on it's lonesome. So I do that a lot and I type a lot at work (and now) so carpal-tunnel and arthritis are sure to get the best of me if I don't do my best to prevent it. She said that the best way to prevent it is any move that incorporates holding yourself up with your arms together and your elbows down so that your hands are closer to your chest/shoulders when you hold (sorry if that didn't make sense, ask me later and I'll explain it). From that point you can do anything to strengthen other body parts (legs, abs, etc), as long as your arms are engaged.

I had such a good time tonight... but let me tell you one thing... I CAN'T WAIT for next weekend because somebody (ME) is going to see FELIX CANE and she is going to teach me some tricks and flexibility tips. I'm psyched!!!

I'll try to be better with this I promise.. :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Such a tease

I had a dream last night that only made me sad in the morning.

I dreamed that I was at a house (I have NO idea whose house it was), but there was a lot of people there because I think there was a party going on. And there were a couple poles near the ceiling almost horizontal and I was teaching them moves on the pole. Because the poles were horizontal I wasn't able to do much, but in my dream I was actually able to teach them really cool stuff, even though I really wasn't teaching them anything.

Later, I went to walmart and decided to set up my X POLE with a STAGE. Now, I didn't order the one with the stage, but I DID order the titanium gold standard size pole that won't be here until MARCH. Yeah, I'll get back to that in a minute.

I was AWESOME at good ol' walmart. Seriously, I was doing crazy things all over the place, including some I can't do in real life. My pole was set up between the stores like the banks and the check-out stands, and people started gathering to watch me pole. It was awesome because I felt like I could do anything (and in dream-land, I COULD do anything).

I woke up and was SO sad that I didn't actually have the pole and I couldn't just run downstairs and play. Then, I was even MORE sad when I realized that not only did I not have a pole on me, I wouldn't have my pole for over a month.

The X Pole I ordered is out of stock and wouldn't be in stock until about the middle of March, which means that I wouldn't have it in my possession until almost the end of March. That's really unfortunate to me... But I guess that's ok because there are a few things I'm working on outside of pole that I need to be focused on instead (I know, I just said there was something outside of pole *gasp*).